Hiendelaencina: Tourist, gastronomic, scenic and mining visit

To visit Hiendelaencina is a luxury. You can find a modern village from the end of the 19th century and at the same time, an old one, typical of the Black Architecture. This style is traditional in the foothills of the Sierra of Pela and creates unique landscapes:
Bornova River is a dumb witness of many dreams. In its 4 kilometres, you can discover the old explotaition constructions which supplied electrical power to the mines.

In the mining landscape, only witness of a glorious past, it is contemplated the magnificence and decline of a village. The journey through the mines and its mining museum, nos hace vivir cómo era la vida en un poblado minero.

Calle La Perla, 29, 19242 Hiendelaencina, Guadalajara

616 20 61 56



Hiendelaencina Routes

Hiendelaencina is located on the Camino de Cid route, in the area known as "Tierra de Fronteras".
In addition, there are well known routes which are already registered in professional forums:

Route through the Minas Fuerza and Malanoche via San José and Santa Teresa:

Route through the Santa Marta powerhouse and the Zarzuela Mill:

And familiar routes

Route of the viewpoints

Urban routes

Ruta del barranco del Bornova

Ruta Villares – Hiendelaencina

The Santa Teresa Mine

Bajada a Entrerríos

The stroll to "El Tonto"

A walk around the village

Ruta del Puente de las Calderas

Ruta del Puente de las Calderas